A whole new style of regeneration websites

New Lead gen strategy

Hello everybody, it his been a while since we have shared a post with you but today we are back to share an interesting topic that we have been meaning to talk about for a couple weeks. Today we will be talking to you about a new form and style of lead generation side that we have recently seen this past week.

 We were recently looking around at some lead generation sites that a few of our friends have been creating and the concept is still the same to where you do a lot of keyword based Mitchell lady content that is very Keyword stuff for maximum ranking potential. Of course all of that is the same but we have seen a new trend going on that is adding flair to these websites and will ultimately help them rank. This is a way to add tens of thousands of words of content to your websites to get them  ranking faster. This method is to add a page that is under the homepage for every single suburban that is located around the major city that you are trying to promote. For example our friends over at Www.RoofingOfSacramento.com  have been implying this strategy to their website and it is making them rank twice as fast  as they usually would. This is because that the 11 sub pages that they have added have created another 15,000 words and extra content for the site. Now you might be thinking that how is this going to help because won’t it take Google  so much more time to indexes new sites? The answer to that question is no because the more activity Google sees on your side the faster they are going to go to yours and work on it. The best thing for Google is to keep adding new and new things every single day. They like it went to sightsee’s love from either the front or the backend. So on the front and it would be adding new content to your actual site on a daily basis. On the back and it would be doing things like guest posts, adding private blog links, and many other S EO strategies that are out there. The most Important thing to keep in mind is that you are constantly giving your site a little bit of recognition every single day.

 Know when you are creating new Legion sides, we definitely recommend that you start adding suburb pages that are linked under the homepage to your website. When you’re creating these pages, you want to make sure that that page is optimized to that specific suburban. And always have a link from that page back to the homepage.

that is our nugget of S EO information that we have to share with you today and we hope that you can take this little trick and start applying it to all of your lead generation websites.

A new form of seo

Hello to  All of our awesome people and we want to talk about a new form of search engine optimization of getting traffic. The subject of the matter today will be about  ranking YouTube videos and not websites.

if you do not know, YouTube is one of the biggest companies in the world. Did you know that YouTube actually has the second biggest search engine on the planet? We have been doing a lot of research lately and have been looking into new SCO techniques to further boost our business and we came across a new business model that had to do with you to marketing. What we found amazing about YouTube is that  it is a ranking strategy that is 53 times faster than traditional website ranking.   There is literally so much money to be made in YouTube because there are almost as many monthly searches on that platform as there are Google itself. If you think about it, there is something that makes it very similar to Google. For example, if you look up a keyword term in Google you will get a page that is about the term. So if you look up carpet cleaners  in Portland Oregon, you will see a bunch of pages for carpet cleaning pop up. YouTube is exactly the same in that if you were to type in carpet cleaners Portland Oregon into YouTube’s engine and then you would get a bunch of videos that are about that subject. But we found as well  is that the way you think websites in Eugene is the same way that you would break them in the Google search engines. There are videos that arranged from number one to the last because of their relevancy to the topic. Basically what YouTube search engine optimization does is let you break something for its related terms without having to go through all of the hassle that it takes to make a website. It is quite a big investment to rank a website just on the local level because it takes at least a couple thousand dollars to get one going.  With YouTube, all you have to do is slap something with a bunch of spam he keywords in your video can get pushed right to the top. This is something that is very lucrative and not a whole lot of people are doing. We are going to start implementing this into our business so we can start getting a lot more leads. There is no  greater way to generate high quality traffic like a video.  It seems like many different people love to watch videos because they really tell the story of something. When you provide a visual with what your’s subject is about then people will have a much easier time connecting with it. When somebody is just reading something they can’t actually see what’s going on,  but if they see a live stream of that thing then they will be able to get further understanding on that subject. The number one reason why we recommend google from now on is because of the fact it is so dang easy to get videos right to number one and the best part about it is that it is free. You don’t have to fork over large lots of money into crazy things like building a private blog network to get you on to the top. A great example of YouTube video seo would be our friends over at pool tile cleaning Sacramento. They have a ranking video for pool service on their site that they are using to get local leads wth:

Ranking on YouTube is a stupidly simple concept that anybody can do because it is  not having to deal with websites. Everybody knows that organic rankings in Google search engines for websites is always going to be the best and highest quality traffic  because Google has been around for many years and people will consistent year to go on that trip.

How to further your SEO skills

Website seo

Today we are going to be talking to you about how you can further learn and craft your new search engine optimization skills.  If you want to be a great search engine optimizer then you want to make sure that you are always avidly learning. There are endless search engine optimization courses out there and so many new tips and tricks that are being taught every single day. Imagine if you devoted to hours each day to  winning something new? We bet that within six months you be an absolute SEO master. You’d be able to trick google so badly that they wouldn’t even know what was coming for them. You would be so good and less you that you could write a new website for any term.  Some of the national terms are extremely hard to rank for but if you are good enough and search engine optimization it is definitely possible 200 factors Google puts into their algorithm to  figure out what good SEO is.

The three number one secrets to be a good search engine optimizer though our private blog networks, guest posting, organic he were driven content on your money website, citations, and images that are optimized on your  money site. By the way if you don’t know what a money saved is, we are referring to that as your niche site, the one you were trying to rank. So see you have 20 bucks right, you will point those 20 blogs to the money site to get it electro votes to push it to the top of  The search engines. It is like being in the presidential race but you get to vote for yourself. This is very frowned upon by Google, but who cares it is pretty much the only way you can get a website on the first page anymore. If you want to rank websites as well you are going to have to invest some money that is because the this is very frowned upon by Google, but who cares it is pretty much the only way you can get a website on the first page anymore. If you want to rank websites as well you are going to have to invest some money that is because the  private blog network takes a lot of money to start up. We have paid as high as $20,000 for a 100 blog private blog network but those websites that we ranked for it that it is an currently due to this day over $50,000 a month. So talk about a good return on investment right there. You can use search engine optimize  strategies to write any type of website. You can view local lead generation sides all the way up to big time affiliate marketing sites. The point is that when you rake for any of these terms and you get traffic to your website, you were going to start making a lot of money by other cells leads or selling affiliate products and getting commissions for them. Both are Very lucrative gigs.  So that is a little bit more basic and CEO information for you everybody and please make sure to follow our blog even further.

Black hat SEO tactics private blog network

Private blog network

Hello everybody and we are back at it today with a new post that will be about some black hat S EO strategies and today we will be talking about how to build up a private blog network. APPN is the most powerful S EO strategy around. There is one downside to this method know and that is that it is highly frowned upon by Koble, so you need to make sure you are very careful on how you do something like  this.  A private blog network is the bread and butter of all search engine optimization, you cannot expect to rank the site these days if you do not have it. One thing you have to focus on when you have a private blog network is that you want all the domain names to be rlregistered from different registrars. This means you will go to go daddy for one name, name cheap for another and perhaps HostGator for a different. The biggest thing about  building up a private blog network is having variety and everything you do. The next thing you want to have variety in is where you get your domains posted. This can often times be a very painstaking and annoying process, so we recommended that you use a platform called easy blog networks. It will  take your domains and set up the word press on them for you and also choose different hosting companies for you.

Setting up WordPress is another thing that is a painstaking process because you have to go in and manually do everything but with easy plug networks they do it automatically so therefore it is easy.

When you are writing the content for the blogs you want to make sure it is all organic content that is written by a person and not a robot. If you have Spohn content, your plugs will get blacklisted and then they will not work ever again. Also when you are waking your blogs you want to make sure to trip them to  your money site in 1 to 3 day intervals. That is the most important rule of building a private blog network. Remember that you do not want google noticing that you’re giving your sites votes on your own so it is crucial that you cover up your tracks as much as possible.

Bfore we move forward, we would like to give a shoutout to a special website for collaborating with us on seo strategies they are http://nichesiteproject.com/private-blog-networks/

No we are going to go over where to pick up your domains and what to look for-when you are picking up a new PBN you want to make sure that you’re looking for domains with a high number of back links, a high citation flow, and a high trust flow. Trust flow is perhaps the most important part to a PBN because it states how  restaurant the Google sees it in the search engines. You want to ideally look for a domain that has a trustful of 20 or higher, this way you’re going to have very powerful PBN’s that will do the job so you won’t have to buy as many. Remember that setting these things up is a very long process and it’s very methodical.

You can find PBN just about anywhere on the Internet, there are hundreds of thousands of suppliers. You just want to make sure the supplier that you are getting your domains from is a reputable person and that they are not ripping you off. We have seen some domains go for $50 for a 38 trustful PVN and then some people sell them for $100 at a level 10 trustful PBN. So there are different prices out there it just depends on  what type of person you’re dealing with because they can be sold at any amount of money. We have seen 38 trustful PB ends go as high as $200 a domain, which we think is absolutely ridiculous to pay for.

so those are all the factors you want to keep in mind when you are starting a new private network. Now go and take the skills and apply them to new website and start raking them. You’re going to start making a bunch of money.

thanks for reading this post today and like always, please come back tomorrow to see another one.

Our new blog about search engine optimization.

Welcome to our new blog that is all about the newest tips and tricks in SEO.  Otherwise known as search engine optimization  this little sucker right here is the key to getting your website on the first page of Google. There are many factors that go in to proper search engine optimization and you have to get it exactly right. A lot of people do not know how to do this correctly and will oftentimes do spamming things to get themselves up which will ultimately get them blacklisted on Google. There are many different forms of search engine optimization such as black hat and white hat. For example blackhat SEO  is when you do things like build up a private blog network to give your money sites votes in order to rank them. One big problem with this is that it is a big no-no to Google but on the upside it is the most powerful form of SEO.  White hat is a little safer because Google likes this type of search engine optimization, but on the downside it takes a lot longer to get your sites ranked. If you are a veteran search engine optimizer then you know that it takes a combination Both types to ultimately get your site on top of the first page.

In this blog we will share with you all the latest secrets you can do to rank your website to the top. This blog was created by some of the top search engine optimization specialists in the industry. We do things that no one else knows about.  Most marketing companies are terrible at what they do because they just use metal tags and all tags and they had no idea about things like private blog networks. A PBN game is the best and most powerful strategy to getting any website to rank number one.

That was just a brief introduction on what we do, in the future we will be going in debt into all are different practices so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for your new articles coming soon. If you would like to know a little bit about our story then you can find us at our story page.